January 23-25, 2014
The Learning Village at 727 Fremont Street
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Welcome to January Catalyst Week! We are so excited to kick off the new year with a week focused on health and wellness- as they apply to the mind, body and on a global level. Our speaker series will feature talks by individuals who have devoted their lives to making the world a healthier place. 

We invite you to come and learn some ways to make 2014 a year of more awareness around your own well being and the well being of the world.

Not familiar with CatalystCreativ? CatalystCreativ is a downtown project funded company that started here in August 2012. Our mission is to provide a window for the rest of the world into the Downtown Project. We do this by creating unique and meaningful experiences in DTLV that encourage guests to engage with the project beyond Catalyst Week and spread the message of DTP to their own communities. Be sure to check out the Catalyst Board on Facebook (facebook.com/groups/catalystboard) to join the community.


Adam Pearce

Co-owner, Love Your Brain



Alison Love

Qoya Teacher



Alyssa Aparicio

Assisstant Art Director, The Carnavalesque


Angelo Pappalardo

Owner, Rubirosa Pizza Restaurant



Albert Dimeglio

Exec Chef/Partner, Rubirosa Pizzeria e Rustorante



Amelia Brown

Founding Consultant, Jamie Oliver at Home



SPEAKER: Arlene Samen

President/Founder, One Heart Worldwide



SPEAKER: Betsy Blankenbaker

Dream Holder, House of Loveness, Zimbabwe



Carrie Kish

CEO, CultureSync



Catherine Mangan Walsh


Chelsy Usher

Founder, The Way of the Courtesan



Christina Attiken

Owner, Attiken Physical Therapy, Inc



Imperatrix Amaia

Founder, The Carnavalesque Beauty Movement


SPEAKER: Denise Taylor

Founder, Speaker, Author, We GET To 



SPEAKER: Dennis Rebelo

President, Alex and Ani University



Dia Marchionne

Sales Director, TubeMogul 



Fabiola Bergi

Lover, Fabiola Bergi


Forrest Dwyer

Marketing and Events Coordinator, Alex and Ani University 



Gene Gurkoff

Founder, Charity Miles 



SPEAKER: Janine Francolini

Founder, Flawless Foundation



Jason Walsh

President/ Cofounder, New York Superfoods



Jennifer Batchelor

Co-Founder | Co-CEO, Wellthily, Co.



Jeremy Lyman

Co-Owner, Birch Coffee



Jordan Wagner

CEO, Generosity Water



Kevin Pearce

Co-owner, Love Your Brain



Kitty Cavalier

Owner, Kitty Cavalier



Kristina Libby

Consumer PR lead, Windows, Microsoft



Laura Cantor

Owner, CBA Group USA



Lucinda Anne Butler

Visionary Musician



SPEAKER: Maja Kermath

Chief Story Teller, Kor180



Marcy Rushing

Sr Marketing Manager, Amazon



Pamela Orvis

Life curator

Paul Schlader

Owner, Birch Coffee



Rhiannon Lawrence

Author and Wellness Coach, Rhi-Created



SPEAKER: Rich Roll

Chairman, Rich Roll Enterprises LLC



Robert Richman

Culture Architect, Culture Blueprint


SPEAKER: Robin Arzon




SPEAKER: Rochelle Sheick

Founder, Qoya



Ryan Killarney

Licensed Acupuncturist / OM, OneTaste



Sarah Charlesworth

Owner, Live Better


SPEAKER: Timothy J Brown

President/CEO, Jamie Oliver at Home




Community Dinner at LOCATION TBD sponsored by CatalystCreativ & DTP – 150 Las Vegas Blvd N (under the Ogden)

Late night Cocktail Hour (Optional) @ The Gold Spike – 400 E Ogden Ave

Group run with Robin Arzon- Meet in the lobby of the Odgen, all running levels and paces welcome!

Qoya Session with Rochelle Schieck @ The Learning Village

Workshop at Work in Progress with Dennis Rebelo

High Stakes Story Telling- Generating High Stakes Story for Career and Life
This workshop will teach how to authentically lead by individualized value-laden, dialogical storytelling. By active listening when sharing story, leaders are encouraged to discover the context of one’s story, thereby shaping the effectiveness in an ethical manner. Self-disclosure happens when leaders learn to identify common work-personal connections creating story themes, and by creating storytelling themes from these observations.

Meet the Speakers at the Learning Village – 727 Fremont Street

Networking time for Catalyst Attendees & the Downtown Community

Catalyst Talks at the Learning Village – 727 Fremont Street

Spreading the movement of health- in the self, the mind and globally


Arlene Samen- One Heart World Wide

The power of 1

Arlene is a Nurse Pracitioner in Maternal Fetal Medicine for over 30 years. She has dedicated her life to serving pregnant women in the most vulneravble conditions in extremely remote areas of the world. 

Janine Francolini- Flawless Foundation

Flawless secrets

Through the creation of The Flawless Foundation, Janine has found the perfect vehicle to combine her professional experience with her passion to serve our most vulnerable children. A sought after speaker and consultant, Janine collaborates with clients on fundraising, mental health advocacy and motivational techniques.

Betsy Blankenbaker- House of Loveness

When your guardian angel is out for a smoke

Betsy is a Miami-based writer and filmmaker. She spends several weeks a year in Zimbabwe working with House of Loveness, the NGO she founded in 2008 to serve at-risk children in Zimbabwe. 

Tim Brown- Jamie Oliver at Home

Connecting the dots

Tim is a student of all things people related. He is the CEO of Jamie Oliver At Home, a direct seller of the Jamie Oliver Collection of Products, in partnership with the world renowned chef, Jamie Oliver.

Denise Taylor- We GET To Organization

Celebrate! Life's throwing you a surprise party

Denise Taylor is courageous and tenacious on her unique mission to recondition perspective and increase health and happiness.  Denise is an inspirational speaker, author and founder of the We GET To Organization.


Cocktail Hour at The Gold Spike - 400 E Ogden Ave

Group run with Robin Arzon- Meet in the lobby of the Odgen, all running levels and paces welcome!

Qoya Session with Rochelle Schieck @ The Learning Village

Meet the Speakers at the Learning Village – 727 Fremont Street

Networking time for Catalyst Attendees & the Downtown Community

Talks at the Learning Village – 727 Fremont Street

Movement and change as a way of life

Rochelle Schieck- Qoya

Through movement, we remember

Rochelle loves to move- in her body and around the world. Her love of movement and the desire to explore life’s meaning compelled her to spend the last 10+ years traveling around the world as a student and teacher. Deeply inspired by the study of the divine feminine, sensuality, and other womanly arts, she created the movement system Qoya. 

Dennis Rebelo- Alex and Ani University

The 2nd CEO, the Chief EDUCATION Officer

As President of Alex and Ani University Professional Development Center, Dennis leads the strategic educational initiatives and daily operations for this
Corporate University, from the course design for Alex and Ani organizational members to special public courses developed for other organizations wishing to
rethink what it means to be human at work in the 21st Century. 


Mind over miles: proof superheroes are real

Robin, the creator of SHUTUPANDRUN, is a corporate lawyer turned fitness journalist and ultramarathoner. SHUTUPANDRUN was created for urban athletes who sweat with swagger and never sacrifice style for function. Fueled by the ethos that there is no finish line, Robin channels the collective energy of the world’s running crews. 

Maja Kermath- Kor180


Maja left the corporate world to create Kor180, a health & wellness lifestyle brand that launched in Austin, TX. As the ChiefStory Teller, her mission is help people live life inspired! The vision is a modern wellness franchise that combines exercise, nutrition & community. 

Rich Roll- Rich Roll Enterprises

Life transformation through plant powered nutrition

Rich is a world-renowned vegan ultra-endurance athlete and wellness advocate.At age 40 Rich overhauled his life, adopting a plant-based whole food diet and reinventing himself as an ultra-distance endurance athlete.Rich is the author of the #1 bestselling inspirational memoir Finding Ultra and the host of The Rich Roll Podcast, topping charts on iTunes.

Screening of Crash Reel @ the Inspire Theater

Qoya Session with Rochelle Schieck @ The Learning Village

Delivering Happiness’ Inspire! Talks at the Learning Village – 727 Fremont Street

Hear stories from the community on what inspires them. 

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